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“The Last Discovery of Mankind” – Film about AI

    We started making a popular-science film dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. The scriptwriter will be Dimiter Dobrev (author of Gocho the Prophet). Stefan Tenev will be the film director. Doli Media Studio will do the filmmaking. Probably the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences also will participate in making of the film, but this is TBD.

    The backbone of the film will be interviews with about a dozen of leading experts in the AI area. Here are the questions which we intend to ask.

    The soundtrack concept is the following. This concept has already been implemented. We asked Ross’n Lorina to make song out of it and they did a great job. Regretfully, we will not be able to use that very song. This means that the film has no soundtrack at this time.

    The film will touch on the following topics:
AI Should Not Be an Open Source Project
How will our life look like when AI is up and running?

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